Free Initial Consultation

Entering into a therapeutic relationship with a psychologist can be unsettling to the newcomer and burdensome to the experienced. Not every therapist suits every client nor client's presenting problem. The work can be deeply personal and challenging, so your comfort and confidence is of paramount importance.

Interviewing (and being interviewed by) several therapists is clearly the best way to find one that "clicks" with your style and preference of communicating.

This can get expensive if the first, or next couple of counselors don't work for you.

Dr. Rowinski is currently offering free initial consultation. We will discuss your present need and if you choose to do so, collaborate on a treatment plan for you. If the session does not demonstrate the "chemistry" you feel comfortable with, we will try to refer you to someone who may work for you.

Although we currently are not accepting insurance payments, our goal is to set fees at rates that will be accessible to almost everyone. Call for appointment.