Philosophy of Columbus Psychological Center


Our Center, originally founded by Dr. Fiona Travis (retired), is one that focuses on the “whole person” in the counseling process.  We have always considered counseling a “journey into wholeness” so that those with whom we work can find the best health and happiness mentally, physically, emotionally and feel connected to the universe through being grounded and centered.


Although we use different methods, techniques and theories, from our psychological training, we are always tuned into all aspects of our clients’ lives.  We treat and work with individuals, couples, families, and groups.  Each clinician has individual skills, expertise and areas of practice in which they specialize.  However, we never lose sight of the overall philosophy that all want to be treated with respect, accepting our differences and enhancing our human commonalities.

Our philosophy is to help relieve pain and suffering from daily life stress and feelings of sadness which can be immobilizing. Together we will help guide you through your journey to move forward with hope and to move toward happiness and wholeness.  Whatever your goal may be, we are there listening with sensitivity. We will strive to help you discover your own solutions, to what you may believe is an overwhelming and out of control experience, by guiding you to discover your own potential to solve your issues.  We help you change maladaptive coping strategies into healthier ways of coping and expressing feelings.


We are aware that our body/mind is connected as neuroscience has demonstrated, and we know that not expressing feelings can create major medical illness.  We are here to help by guiding you toward better physical and mental health and help you to feel whole, healthy and happy.


Fiona Travis, PhD (1999)